Psychotherapy Toronto

How Many Therapy Sessions Will I Need? 

At The Mindfulness Clinic you can expect to improve fairly quickly. Most of our clients make substantial improvement within 5 to 7 treatment sessions. After they have made this improvement about half of them stop therapy. Others decide to book a few more sessions to consolidate their gains. We also see other clients who need and want longer term therapy because of the complexity of their problems or the difficulty of their life circumstances.

What Do I Need to Know About Psychotherapy and Psychotherapists?

All the mainstream types of psychotherapy in Toronto are equally effective and there is no one type of therapy that is better than all the others. There have been many studies to confirm this.

So, it is fine to choose the type of therapy that interests you and that feels like a good fit for you. However, therapists are not all equally effective. Some therapists are consistently better than others at helping patients improve. Half of all therapists are below average in effectiveness regardless of their years of experience or credentials. If you want to benefit from your therapy it is crucial that you find an effective psychotherapist.

How Do I Find an Effective Psychotherapist in Toronto?

  • Surveys show that most therapists overestimate how good they are.
  • Things like years of experience, amount of training, and type of profession do not reliably predict whether or not a therapist is effective.
  • The best way to find an effective therapist is to pick one who collects and uses patient feedback at every therapy session. Therapists who do this become twice as effective and their patients improve twice as quickly.
  • Our therapists use patient feedback and ratings confirm that they are effective.