Our relationships are some of the most important parts of our lives. We have all kinds of relationships that can be positive (or negative) experiences for us—relationships with parents, siblings, children, romantic partners, workplace colleagues and superiors, and our close friends. Sometimes, our important relationships can become strained, and this can have a very strong impact on our mental health. Psychotherapy can help you better understand and improve your important relationships if they are not fulfilling for you.

Are you having any relationship challenges or problems that you could use some help with? What comes to mind for you? Is there strain or tension in your relationship with a family member, romantic partner, close friend or work colleague? When our relationships are not going well our mood, physical health, and ability to get things done can be affected. The good news is that relationships can usually be improved if we work on them – particularly if we get advice and support from an effective therapist.

Relationship therapy can help

Relationship therapy can be done individually, or as a couple or family—if both members of a relationship agree that there are some issues to work on, coming to therapy together can address both members’ concerns and dramatically improve the quality of the relationship. A good relationship therapist will take the time to understand and address both sides and help reach a resolution that everyone is comfortable with.

A therapist can offer you an unbiased perspective and give you a safe place to explore your feelings about a relationship. Your therapist might also point out patterns or dynamics to help you understand what is going on in the relationship. Perhaps you are trying to decide whether to end or recommit to a relationship. Perhaps you want some advice about how to deal with the difficult person. Perhaps the shadow of an old relationship is getting in the way of a new one. Our therapists can help you with any of these concerns. If you wish they could also teach you skills to improve communication, assertiveness, trust, and compassion for yourself and others.

Need help in your relationship?

We offer many therapies that can provide help for various types of strained relationships.

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