Social Anxiety Group

Do you worry excessively about social situations, fear that you will embarrass or humiliate yourself in public, or fear that others will notice that you are nervous? In social situations do you blush, have a shaky voice, sweat or get hot flashes, feel dizzy or faint? Do you avoid being with people, hide in the background, never go anywhere without a friend, or drink before going out to soothe your nerves?

Do situations like these frighten you or make you nervous?

  • meeting new people
  • being watched while you do something
  • making small talk
  • being the centre of attention
  • going on a date or to a party
  • needing to speak up in class or at a meeting
  • being teased or criticized
  • making a presentation

Did you answer YES to many of these questions listed above in the dropdown? If so, our Social Anxiety Group (SAG) can be a big help for you.

About our Social Anxiety Group (SAG)

SAG combines mindfulness training with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to help you effectively manage social anxiety and social phobia. Our group sessions are effective.  By the end of the group, you will be able to overcome your anxiety so you can engage in the social activities that are meaningful and important to you.  The benefits from the group will last long after the group is over. 

  • In our group sessions, you can learn and practice tools and techniques to help you overcome social anxiety. By the end of the group, you can be more relaxed and successful in social situations.
  • Until further notice, classes will be offered with online video, not in-person.  The class meets once a week for 10 weeks. Each class is 2 hours long.
  • Our groups are small, no more than 8 participants. This will ensure that you get the individual attention that you need.
  • Before group classes start we meet with you privately, by phone or with online video, to clarify your personal goals and prepare you for the group.
  • This group is facilitated by two clinicians, a psychiatrist and a psychologist, ensuring the personal attention you need and deserve


People with social anxiety are often hesitant to join a group. We can reassure you that this group program is right for you exactly because you are anxious about joining groups. The group format gives you a safe place to learn skills so you can overcome your social anxiety. If scheduling conflicts make it impossible for you to join a group, then we can offer you the option of individual therapy sessions. They can also be very helpful.


The clinic fee is $675 (includes psychologist fee, workbook and handouts). Dr. Fleming’s services are covered by OHIP/UHIP. You will need to show your OHIP/UHIP card as proof of coverage. If you do not have OHIP/UHIP coverage, the cost of the group is $1500. The fee for this group can be paid in installments and is covered by most insurance plans. 


Taught by Dr. Jan Fleming and Dr. Nancy Kocovski, the authors of The Mindfulness & Acceptance Workbook for Social Anxiety & Shyness.


Social Anxiety Group



February 20th, 2024 – April 23rd, 2024

11:00am – 1:00pm