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We offer many types of therapy options:

Mindfulness-based Therapy

MBCT combines mindfulness meditation with cognitive therapy techniques so you can overcome anxiety, depression, or stress.

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How many sessions might you need? Is one type of therapy better than all the others? What is the best way to identify an effective therapist?

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Group Therapy

Our group programs are practical, cost-effective, enjoyable and will provide you with the skills to effectively deal with many types of issues.

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What to Expect from Therapy

At our Clinic you can expect that your preferences will be understood and respected. Are any of these preferences important for you? I need a therapist who will challenge me. I need a therapist who will be supportive. I want to talk about intense feelings. I want to change how I behave. I want to learn skills and coping techniques. I want my therapist to follow my lead so I can talk about whatever comes up for me. I want to focus on the present. I want to understand how my past effects what I do now.

For whatever your preferences may be, you can expect that we have a therapist who will be right for you.

  • Short Term Therapy

    Therapy doesn’t always have to be long-term.  Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances happen in life that we are not able to deal with effectively on our own. Therapy can be a place you can come for just a few sessions to talk about your experience and learn tools and techniques to help get through whatever is difficult for you right now. These tools can involve thought exercises to help re-train negative thinking patterns; relaxation techniques to help alleviate stress; communication skills to help avoid conflict or repair relationships; mindful awareness to help improve focus; and many more. Even one session with a therapist can offer you a tool kit that you can use whenever needed to get through the harder times.

  • A Safe Space To Open Up

    Sometimes when we are going through personal challenges, it can be hard to speak to loved ones about how we are feeling or what we are thinking.  It might be that we don’t want to worry those close to us, or perhaps they are part of the reason we are feeling down. Therapy can provide a safe, confidential space for you to open up about everything you are thinking and feeling, so you can get things off your chest. Therapists are trained to help you make sense of how you are feeling and guide you toward a resolution in accordance with your goals and personal values.

  • What Matters Most: Recipe or Cook?

    Types of therapy are recipes. Therapists are the cooks. All the modern types of psychotherapy, the recipes, are equally useful. But, some therapists, cooks, are much more effective than others. Your therapy will be more successful, and you’ll improve more quickly, if you work with an effective therapist. If you call our intake line, we can help you figure out what type of therapy, and which therapist, would be best for you.

What’s next?

As you can see, therapy can take on many forms. Whether you are looking for short-term advice, long-term self-exploration, an unbiased perspective on your circumstances, or a specific therapy approach, we can offer sessions tailored to your needs. Our trained Intake Team will help match you with the best therapist for you in terms of personality and therapeutic approach.

For more information or to book an assessment, contact us at 416-847-7118 or request an appointment today.

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A half-day workshop designed to help you enhance and deepen your mindfulness skills into your life at home, work and every day.

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