The Mindfulness Clinic Group Programs

Group Therapy

Our group therapy programs are practical and they are designed to teach you things that you can use to improve your life. The groups are structured so you can learn skills that are meaningful for you. Your learning will be enhanced by discussions that involve other group members. The group format also has the benefit of being cost-effective. The hourly cost is much less than the cost for individual sessions and, for the topics that we are offering, group sessions are equally effective. 

  • Everyone who is interested in one of our groups is given a free consultation session to make sure that the group will be right for their needs.
  • Group size is limited to between 10 and 12 participants so you can receive the personal attention that you need and deserve.
  • The skills and techniques that you learn in our groups will continue to benefit you long after the group is over.
  • Our group participants enjoyed meeting each other.
  • Patient ratings confirm that all of our group programs are effective.

Group Therapy Skills Training is an excellent option

Check the options below to see if one of our skills training groups would be right for you 


Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is a program that combines meditation with cognitive-based psychotherapy. This group will teach you how to effectively deal with anxiety, depression, stress and related problems. Learn More


WITH DR. JAN FLEMING & DR. NANCY KOCOVSKI This group will teach you how to overcome social anxiety so you can be more effective and successful in social situations. Learn More