hypochondria health anxiety treatment

Hypochondria, Health Anxiety Treatment

It is normal to worry sometimes of your health. Maybe you’ve noticed a new area of pain, persistent fever, or something else that seems unusual. When this happens it can be a good idea to consult with your family doctor. Some people though worry excessively, and persistently. They keep being concerned that they have a serious illness even though their doctor has reassured them that there is no illness to worry about. This problem is called Hypochondriasis or Hypochondria. It is also sometimes known as health phobia, health anxiety, or illness anxiety. 

Do you have excessive health anxiety?

Below are a few indicators that you may need treatment:

  • You’re constantly examining yourself, repeatedly taking your temperature or blood pressure.
  • You spend hours online “investigating” your symptoms.
  • Your mind always assumes that you have the worst possible medical problem.
  • Your family, doctor and friends all tell you that you worry too much about your health.
  • You insist on additional diagnostic tests or consultations with additional specialists even though your doctor reassures you that there is no need to do so.
  • You are anxious all the time about your health and you can never really relax.
  • Your doctor looks exasperated when you show up for your next appointment.

Need help with Hypochondria, Health Anxiety?

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy can help.

Are you suffering from Hypochondriasis?

You are are suffering unnecessarily as there are very effective treatments for Hypochondriasis. The therapists at our Clinic know how to help. They can teach you how to put excessive health fears into proper perspective. You can learn to use techniques from mindfulness and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) to neutralize the negative effects of excessive health worries. Our therapists would, of course, also consult with your physician to ensure continuity of care for both your emotional and medical needs.