Performance Anxiety

Performance Anxiety Treatment

It is fairly common for people to feel some nervousness if they have to give a speech at a wedding, or do a presentation at work or school. Some people have excessive anxiety when they are called on to perform. Their problem then would be called performance anxiety or stage fright. Do you wonder if you might need treatment for performance anxiety?  

Signs you may need treatment for performance anxiety:

  • You feel extremely anxious if you have to do any public speaking.
  • You have an upset stomach, or need to vomit, before you can perform in front of an audience.
  • You have turned down a promotion because it involved giving presentations.
  • When you start a performance you forget all of your words even though you are well prepared.
  • When you are called to perform you get these symptoms: dry mouth, sweaty or trembling hands, rapid breathing, vision changes, and tight throat.
  • You cannot speak up if your manager or boss ask you for your opinion or for information.

Need help with Performance Anxiety Treatment?

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy can help.  

If you are only anxious in performance situations, then you probably have performance anxiety or stage fright. If you are anxious in many social situations then you may have Social Anxiety or Social Phobia. If you wonder which label describes your problem best, check our Social Anxiety page for more information or give us a call. (We offer both individual therapy and an excellent group program for Social Anxiety problems.) 

Here is the good news. There are very effective treatments for both performance anxiety and for Social Anxiety or Social Phobia. Our therapists know how to help. If you meet with one of them they will teach you skills so you can overcome your performance anxiety problem. Then you will be able to give a speech, talk at a wedding, or accept a promotion if you wish to do so. Treatment usually involves a combination of training in mindfulness skills, exposure therapy, relaxation therapy, and cognitive  behaviour therapy (CBT).