Mindfulness-Based Therapy (MBT) Toronto

Mindfulness-Based Therapy for Individuals

Mindfulness training can help you learn to quiet your mind so you will be less distracted or upset by worries or ruminations. It can help you learn to accept your feelings without being overwhelmed by them. It can help you stay focused in the moment so that you can appreciate and enjoy the richness of your experience. When you learn and practice mindfulness skills your equanimity and mental control can improve significantly.

Mindfulness therapy can involve learning and practicing various meditation or breathing techniques that can help with distressing thoughts or feelings, or learning about different philosophies that can help get us out of “stuck” mindsets, improving self-esteem and our interpersonal relationships. Even if you don’t practice mindfulness techniques in therapy sessions, working with a therapist who has a background in mindfulness is beneficial—these therapists are mindfully present during sessions, non-judgemental and experience higher work satisfaction.

At The Mindfulness Clinic you can learn mindfulness techniques during individual therapy meetings or in group classes. 

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Group Classes

We offer MBCT group classes via secure video. You can find more details and schedule information on upcoming sessions on our MBCT Group Therapy page.


We are here to help. If your funds are limited, we still have helpful therapy options for you. Contact us for more details.