Effective Therapy

The Mindfulness Clinic is one of only a few in Canada that continuously monitors effectiveness and posts results for therapists and their clients to use. You can trust that our therapists are effective because our patient ratings confirm it. 

  • In Canada, often fewer than 4 out of 10 people who see a therapist fully recover or significantly improve.
  • At The Mindfulness Clinic 8 in 10 of our clients fully recover or significantly improve.
  • Our therapists cannot cure everyone, but they are over twice as effective!
    • We have confirmed this from over 15,000 of our clients who have given us ratings from more than 90,000 of their therapy sessions.
    • We are so effective because we track your progress every session. So if your therapy gets off track, we see it and fix it.  We don’t waste your time, energy, or money.

Our Story

Dr. Kelly, the Founder of our Clinic, is passionate about making sure that people like you, who come to our Clinic, will get matched up with an effective therapist. He researched for the best ways to determine if therapists are effective and for the best ways to help therapists become more effective. It turns out that getting feedback from patients is the key to measuring therapist effectiveness and for improving the effectiveness of all kinds of therapy. That is why we have patients complete a brief rating form at every therapy session. It takes less than a minute to do and it gives good information about patient progress. 

The feedback means that our therapists can catch any problems early and work with you to get your therapy back on track. That’s how we have become so effective.