, M.S., RP

Registered Psychotherapist, Master in Counselling and Human Development from Radford University, Virginia.

Finding our way through the difficult periods of our lives to restore to balance and peace is a challenge for all of us. I have been through difficult times in my life when I struggled to find my equilibrium and connect with what was truly important to me. Working with you, as equal partners, fully respecting your unique insight into yourself as an expert on your own life, I will commit to being fully present to what you have to share as we learn from each other. I will respect your choices in what to focus on and collaborate with you to find the best method to help you achieve your goals and move towards a richer and more fulfilling life.

I strongly believe that it is not the presence or absence of distressing symptoms that are most relevant to our well-being, but how we relate to them. We continue the effort to move in the direction of what we value, regardless of how we feel in the moment. By strengthening our capacity to do this, we get better at living a rewarding life, even when the conditions we are experiencing are less than ideal.

If you decide to work with me, I will be honoured to join in supporting you and learning with you to address whatever issues you bring to our sessions. They could include anxiety, depression, addiction, life transitions, trauma, grief and loss, relationships, or a desire to increase confidence, self-awareness, and personal insight.

I take a person-centered, Mindfulness-Based, Cognitive-Behavioural, and Somatic approach to practice, and utilize Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in particular. I have been trained in EMDR and have incorporated it into my practice.

In addition, I have a 17-year mindfulness meditation practice and have been trained as a meditation instructor. I am happy to provide instruction in this area if it can support our therapeutic work together. If looks like I might be a good fit for you, I will gladly meet you to help you decide if you would like to work together to move toward what is most important to you.