I have been a psychologist for almost 40 years.

What I do now – making sure that people like you get really good help – is my life’s calling.


Some therapists are better than others. A few are much better.

My passion is to find them for you.

Why? You deserve the best help.

It is my honour and responsibility to find it for you.


This year, 2023, 520 therapists and social workers responded to our Indeed job ad.

I spent hundreds of hours screening and interviewing them, and thousands of dollars on special personality tests.

Then, I hired the best 6.

Why do I care so much that you get the best help?

I just do. My heart works that way.

Our therapists really care.  They have good hearts and excellent training.

It is my privilege to support them, and mentor them – so together we can give you the help that you deserve.