Registered Psychotherapist, M.Ed., Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy, University of Toronto
  • As your therapist, I will do my best to understand you, to be kind, and to focus on your concerns. I understand what it’s like to live in more than one culture and navigate generational differences. I can help you find a balance between respecting your heritage and becoming your own person.
  • If you would like guidance with current issues in your life, I can help you develop effective coping skills, and make changes that are better aligned with your goals and values. I can help you learn more about living well, so your life and relationships can feel full and be meaningful.I can help you use the therapy space to focus inward, better understand yourself, and work through difficult experiences. I can help you connect with yourself, and provide clarity on how you can take care of yourself while you are also being mindful of others.
  • I can help you with a variety of issues such as: anxiety, depression, trauma/PTSD, addiction, body image, OCD, managing stress and difficult emotions (anger, shame, guilt), work/academic issues, relationships, self-esteem, life changes and loss, and identity (racial/cultural/sexual).
  • Some of my approaches are: Cognitive-Behavioural, Emotion-Focused, Compassion-Focused, ACT, Psychodynamic, Narrative, and Mindfulness. When we talk, we can determine which approaches would be most beneficial for you. I look forward to meeting and working with you.