Solution Focused Therapy

Single Session Therapy

Do you think you may only need one or two therapy sessions? If so, you are in good company.

  • About 40% of people only want or need a single session, or maybe a few more.
  • We have therapists who know how to help with very brief therapy.
  • This approach is based on Solution Focused Therapy.  We also call it Single Session Therapy because this approach treats each session as if it will be the only one you need.
  • If one session is all you want, our therapists know how to maximize the benefit of one session.
  • If you decide you need a follow up or booster session or two, we can help with that as well.

Single Session Therapy can be productive and satisfying. The session lasts for 50 minutes and the therapist uses 10 more minutes to make a note so you will be billed for one hour.


We are here to help.

If your funds are limited, we still have helpful therapy options for you. Contact us for more details.