Dr. Paul Kelly, Clinical Director

Founder of The Mindfulness Clinic
  • Meditator for the past 40 years
  • Psychologist, Ph.D. University of Waterloo, 1985
  • At Toronto General Hospital, 1988-1997, over 1,000 patients participated in his mindfulness group program
  • Instructor, University of Toronto Faculty of Social Work
Watch a 2 minute video with Dr. Paul Kelly.

An except from Dr. Paul’s video:

[ Hello, I’m Dr. Paul Kelly  In this video I would like to tell you a bit about the psychotherapy that I do here at the clinic, so you can decide whether I might be a good therapist for you and for your concerns. Many people who come to see me have a problem, concern, or dilemma that is really troubling them. They don’t feel that they need long-term psychotherapy but they want to talk things over with someone who is objective, kind, and thoughtful. For this kind of thing, generally one or two meetings will be enough. So, if you are struggling.…]

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Dr. Paul Kelly, Clinical Director

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