Test Anxiety Treatment

Tests and examinations are an unavoidable part of education. Even after completing formal schooling many professionals have to pass tests in order to get certified or licensed. Even smart people who have spent a lot of time studying can be overwhelmed by test anxiety. Test anxiety gets in the way of being able to concentrate and remember, understand information, or organize your thoughts. So, often, people with test anxiety perform very poorly on examinations even though the necessary information is in their brain somewhere.

What kind of treatment for Test Anxiety is there?

Although test anxiety can feel very distressing and it can have significant professional consequences, it is relatively easy to treat.

Therapists at our Clinic have helped many students and professionals learn the skills that they needed to be able to write tests and qualifying examinations for various professions. If you come to us for this kind of help we would teach you how to neutralize negative thoughts and feelings so they do not paralyze you during an examination. We would also teach strategies for effective studying and exam preparation so you can be as prepared as possible before the exam and be able to perform at your best in a testing situation.

Treatment is based on a combination of skills from mindfulness, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), relaxation training, and study skills training.

Need help with Test Anxiety?

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy can help.

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